How Actors Should Behave on Set to Look Like a Pro, Pt 2

Atlanta actor Steve Coulter

The following is part two of a piece by noted and accomplished Atlanta actor Steve Coulter.  Be sure to check out Part 1 here.

How Actors Should Behave On Set to Look Like a Pro, Pt 1

Steve Coulter, acting tips

The following is a guest post from probably one of the most well known, well respected working actors in Atlanta, Steve Coulter.  Steve rarely toots his own horn, so we'll say he's the real deal, with TV credits like In the Heat of the Night, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Prison Break, Army Wives, and of course The Walking Dead.  Feature films include Madea's Family Reunion, Hunger Games, Anchorman 2, Furious 7, and Birth of a Nation.  How cool is it that Content South readers can get the below personal advice on how to work on a set and not look like an amateur moron in the process.

Are You Down with GPP?

Patricia Taylor, Georgia Production Partnership

Georgia Production Partnership Lets You Go From Outsider to Insider
The Georgia Production Partnership continues to grow rapidly in membership as the Film and Television Industry expands in Georgia, making GPP a top community leader in the Georgia Entertainment Industry. Now ranked 3rd in the nation for Filmmaking, Georgia is a film destination to be reckoned with.

Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors Nov 21

Voice Over Tip from an Agent: How Will I Know if I Suck?

Jeffrey Umberger Voice Over Tips

Tip: If you're still getting auditions from your agent, all the previous auditions were done well.  Trust me.
Need improvement?  Not booking?  Good voice over agents will always give you the chance for an adjustment read before final submission during an audition process, but beyond that, a solid voice over acting tip is that you are responsible for your own ON-GOING training.


Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors Oct 18

Woman biting a piece of chocolate

The old crooner Andy Williams used to sing “Moon River.”  But Andy wasn’t in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission like the 3 execs of Moon River Studios.  It’s one Georgia studio project, near Savannah, that just flat didn’t work out.  The claim is that investors were defrauded, which is impossible because nobody EVER gets ripped off in show business.  It would have been the biggest studio project in ‘Merica, with studios, offices, post prod and an outdoor music venue.

Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors 092216

Doughnut with a bite out of it

If you think the size of your soundstage doesn’t matter, don’t tell Valhalla Studios that.  One of theirs will be 40,000 square feet when it opens, the largest in all of Jawja.  first phase is 7 20,000-square-foot stages, one 30,000-square-foot stage.

Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors 082916

Man biting laptop - Atlanta production

"Underground," a show about some slaves trying to get out of Georgia through the Underground Railroad, seems to think it makes sense to get IN to Georgia.  The show is the most watched original series ever on WGN America and will move to Savannah (home to mossy trees and Zac Efron filming Baywatch) for season 2.

Bite Me…News Bites & Rumors 072516

If you see Sheriff Rick and he looks more like drag queen than zombie food (not that zombies wouldn’t also like a tasty drag queen now and then), it’s because co-star Norman Reedus loaded his car’s AC vents with glitter.  And it’s summer in Senoia, so that AC was probably cranked.

Who Is

It’s a couple of guys actually.  One of them is Mike Stiles.
You might know Mike from…nowhere, because mostly he’s been a writer and a behind the scenes guy.  They’re usually introverts who suck at charisma and self-promotion.