What Are You Gonna Do Now?

What kind of jobs am I going to find here?
What kind of jobs should I post here?
Calm down, you have a lot of questions.  Yes, two is a lot.
If you’re a “maker.”  You should be here.  We love makers.  There are too many people who just talk about making.  But if you actually make, then make this a site that you help us build with your presence into a go-to for the Atlanta and southeast production community.
Somebody needs you.  Between film, video, TV, print, podcasting, and content production for brands, believe me, you’re needed.  And if you’re the one that needs to get something made, you want to be connected to the real deals, not wannabes or wishful thinkers…or morons.
We should have mostly paid gigs here.  But we recognize professional creatives are always doing side projects and labors of love that need collaboration, so there’ll probably also be some “unpaid but…” posts to help facilitate such things.  You know the kind; “no pay but…there’ll be pizza and you can humble-brag on social if it gets into a festival.”
What we’ll ask is that you be patient.  We’re lovers of content and production.  We’re not dripping with $ from the sale of some app.  Nor are we horrifically in debt to lenders.  Nor are we even backed.  When people back you, they tend to want to change things like your personality.  We like our personality.  So do our moms.
So just bookmark it and check back to see how things are progressing.  Bookmarking things is free, easy, and it makes it look like you’re interested in a lot of things when really you’re just looking for cats and soft porn.
Posting ads is free, for now.  But as soon as we start smelling like Craigslist we’re dropping the hammer.  

Photo: imagerymajestic, freedigitalphotos.net (told you we weren't backed)