Who Is ContentSouth.com?

It’s a couple of guys actually.  One of them is Mike Stiles.
You might know Mike from…nowhere, because mostly he’s been a writer and a behind the scenes guy.  They’re usually introverts who suck at charisma and self-promotion.
Around here, he’s probably most heard-of from his work as a founding member of the live Atlanta sketch comedy troupe Sketchworks.  He wrote loads of sketches, dressed in a lot of ill-fitting costumes and begged people to shoot and edit funny videos for 10 years or so.  And yes, he’s Notorious D-A-D
After a career hosting morning radio shows in markets like Austin, Raleigh, Cincinnati and Atlanta, he’s done some “acting” work here and there; corporate voiceover, corporate video, but mostly he hates auditioning and being off book, so don’t look for the name to roll by in any big credits.  He can’t believe IMDB hasn’t kicked him off their site yet. 
But he does love creatives and making crowd-pleasing stuff, so he’s starting up ContentSouth to snarkily cover the “biz” in Atlanta, in all its many areas.  That includes the world he operates in now, which is content marketing and branded content.  A guy’s gotta eat.  If you want you can get his weekly content marketing news podcast.