Bite Me…News Bites & Rumors 072516

If you see Sheriff Rick and he looks more like drag queen than zombie food (not that zombies wouldn’t also like a tasty drag queen now and then), it’s because co-star Norman Reedus loaded his car’s AC vents with glitter.  And it’s summer in Senoia, so that AC was probably cranked.
Tyler Perry Studios is hiring for all kinds of things.  If you want to work really, really hard and stay super humble about what you make, go to
Melissa McCarthy’s coming to town.  Her husband Ben Falcone will direct her in “Life of the Party.”  They wrote it together, so odds are good it’ll be about a large, comedically obnoxious woman doing and saying crazy things.  
Want to live at Pinewood Studios?  Sort of?  Pinewood Forrest was announced.  It should have over 1200 places to live in the live-work-play village on about 230 acres.  Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is heading it up, so if you eat more chiken, it might also include the $40M performing arts center originally planned for it.  The development is expected to be open on Sundays.
David Bernd, VP Economic Development for Covington and Newton County, says the new Covington studio spread has the finances ready to build a “cradle-to-grave project that’ll encompass TV, movie, music and gaming.”  Cradle to grave means they’re going to try to keep the post-production part of things here.  The hard hats should show up late this year while local officials try to come up with local property tax breaks.
Next GPP meeting is Tuesday, August 2nd at noon at Atlanta Technical College.  You can get in free if you’re a member, $20 if you aren’t.  But either way, getting lunch from ATC’s culinary school will run you 10 bucks.
What’s up with Steve Mensch’s career move?  He’s been around ATL forever and was President of Third Rail Studios, which is planned for the GM space in Doraville.  But he said nah, I’m going to work for Tyler Perry Studios.  Did he not believe the Doraville project will get done?    
Happy 41st anniversary Atlanta Film Festival.  You’re such a big shot you had over 4,700 submissions last year.  And they want even more for the fest March 24 to April 2 of 2017.  Every kind of film you can think of, including puppets and virtual reality.  And don’t forget their screenplay competition, they’re taking feature and pilot scripts.  They had almost 600 of those submissions last year, so you better be frickin’ M. Night Shyamalan…the early works.
Is Columbus’ Carmike Cinemas about to turn the entire US film industry over to the Chinese?  They’re thinking about a $1.1B offer from AMC, which is owned by a China company.  Apparently it doesn’t matter, because AMC is also acquiring Odeon & UCI, so it WILL be the nation’s biggest theater chain.
Are you so ugly it’s scary?  Or are you at least willing to make yourself ugly with makeup?  Good.  Six Flags wants to hire 400 people for Fright Fest.  It’s as scary as getting in a Thunder River tube with a 1200 lb. family from Valdosta.
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