Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors 082916

Man biting laptop - Atlanta production

"Underground," a show about some slaves trying to get out of Georgia through the Underground Railroad, seems to think it makes sense to get IN to Georgia.  The show is the most watched original series ever on WGN America and will move to Savannah (home to mossy trees and Zac Efron filming Baywatch) for season 2.
It’s not the size of your soundstage, it’s what you do with it.  That said, the largest soundstage at Pinewood was topped off with flags and fanfare and hoo-ha.  This undivided soundstage is 40,000 sq. ft. and is part of Phase 3, which includes 6 soundstages, a workshop building and more offices.  If you’re keeping score, the big wood will have 18 soundstages when this phase is done in January.
FX’s “Atlanta” premiered a couple of episodes at the Georgia Aquarium and the Beluga whales reportedly LOVED it.  Stone Mountain native Donald Glover holds almost every credit on the show, from creator to writer to star.  He’s a downtrodden single dad trying to make his drug dealer cousin a rap star.  Aren’t we all?
As Long As You Do Stuff Like This for Our Communities You’re Super Welcome Here and are Earning your Tax Breaks Department: Spider-Man Tom Holland visited the kiddos at Egleston…in costume.  Such things are known to make kids and adults completely freak out.  Also in town for the movie, Michael Keaton and Marisa Tomei, whom we hope will perform the civic duty of washing the Content South car.
Atlanta-loving Oprah’s back for the HBO movie “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”  Poor Henrietta unknowingly donated her tissue sample that become an immortal cell line used in medical research.  They’re shooting at Agnes Scott.  YOU get some tissue, and YOU get some tissue, and YOU and YOU get some tissuuuue!!
Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren are shooting “The Leisure Seeker” about two over-50 types taking the road trip of a lifetime.  They shot a scene in Marietta Square at a fake Trump rally.  Despite the fact it was fake, thousands showed up to cheer for the Donald and protesters got thrown out.  They’re at Jekyll Island now.
What’s with the rumors GA might grab AMC’s “Preacher” from its current home in Albuquerque?  We didn’t start it.  
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