Voice Over Tip from an Agent: How Will I Know if I Suck?

Jeffrey Umberger Voice Over Tips

Tip: If you're still getting auditions from your agent, all the previous auditions were done well.  Trust me.
Need improvement?  Not booking?  Good voice over agents will always give you the chance for an adjustment read before final submission during an audition process, but beyond that, a solid voice over acting tip is that you are responsible for your own ON-GOING training.
Are you in a weekly or monthly peer group?  Are you practicing daily for 15 minutes or more by mimicking actual commercials on tv and radio to stay in step with current delivery trends?  Are you taking voice acting workshops?  You are in a business with thousands of new talent and competitors entering every month.  Stay ahead of them.  Stay competitive.  
I don't often get info from a buyer/client on who is actually close or not close to booking unless a few talent get placed on hold or a short-list or first-refusal list after an audition.  Then the talent agency at least knows which talent's performance is knocking loudest on that particular client's happy list.  Last week I was sent an email (with specific feedback notes) from a client who had heard auditions and was sending their ad agency choices forward to the buyer for consideration.  It was an accident that I received it, as the email was clearly only intended for the buyer, but it did give valuable insight into who they were considering, as well as what their impressions were of each talent, ie: "she's great but will need coaching".
I wish I got feedback more often from clients, (and not accidentally LOL) but it's unfortunately a luxury.  They just don't have the time.  I always ask the clients to please let me know if they need to hear anything different and to let me know their thoughts on what they hear, but sadly the only feedback other than 'sounds great' is the type of feedback given by virtue of being placed on a first-refusal list.
Break Jaws!   
Jeffrey Umberger is the owner of Umberger Agency, a voice over talent agency based in Atlanta. He was previously a Casting Producer for DIY Network's Mega Dens, a Scout for HGTV's Collector Inspector, and a Casting Assistant at Kris Redding Casting.