Are You Down with GPP?

Patricia Taylor, Georgia Production Partnership

Georgia Production Partnership Lets You Go From Outsider to Insider
The Georgia Production Partnership continues to grow rapidly in membership as the Film and Television Industry expands in Georgia, making GPP a top community leader in the Georgia Entertainment Industry. Now ranked 3rd in the nation for Filmmaking, Georgia is a film destination to be reckoned with.
GPP has become the voice of the industry, with a mission to connect the community through advocacy, educational workshops, legislative leadership, networking and community support. “We support the GA Film Office and other entertainment organizations throughout the state…including several Film Festivals, The Georgia Film Academy, Atlanta Film Society, Unions and much more.” Trish Taylor, GPP Co-President, said.
The value of connecting a larger community through membership helps educate the public about the need to maintain GA’s Film Tax incentive and growth of Economic Development in our diverse state.
The Georgia Film and TV industry is putting down roots through the establishment of over 15 Film Production Studios and a commitment to expand the crew and talent base through educational programs and workshops.
“We want to be leaders in helping to build a sustainable industry that will last for years to come and showcase Georgia as a fantastic location that provides everything a filmmaker needs to produce a high quality product and at the same time benefit the state’s economic development.” Taylor said.
The Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) is a not-for-profit coalition of companies and individuals who are active in the state's film, video, music, and interactive game industries. Established in 1995, our goal is to continue helping Georgia grow into a top production destination.