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Be a part of something you later won't want to part with...
Every building starts with a brick, and we're building something fun with Content South.  But we need you as a brick.
Content South is going to be connecting the production community in Atlanta and the southeast with big personality coverage of our industry.  That means production for film, TV, video, and branded content/content marketing.  So if you're really into the biz, love finding out what's going on, want to plant your stake in the ground and get known, and want the freedom to be "you" in your writing, we're the site that's going to let you flex all those muscles.  We have to let you do that.  We're just starting, our revenue is at 0 and we don't particularly want investors who will make us turn it into something we don't want it to be.  So all we can give you is a platform and praise.  Believe us, we won't be getting rich off your efforts and leave you behind.
Got ideas?  We're open to them.  Open to telling the story of the Atlanta production world in whatever manner you've got in mind.
Reach out and let us hear what you're thinking, 

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