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Are You Down with GPP?

Patricia Taylor, Georgia Production Partnership

Georgia Production Partnership Lets You Go From Outsider to Insider
The Georgia Production Partnership continues to grow rapidly in membership as the Film and Television Industry expands in Georgia, making GPP a top community leader in the Georgia Entertainment Industry. Now ranked 3rd in the nation for Filmmaking, Georgia is a film destination to be reckoned with.

Bite Me...News Bites & Rumors Oct 18

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The old crooner Andy Williams used to sing “Moon River.”  But Andy wasn’t in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission like the 3 execs of Moon River Studios.  It’s one Georgia studio project, near Savannah, that just flat didn’t work out.  The claim is that investors were defrauded, which is impossible because nobody EVER gets ripped off in show business.  It would have been the biggest studio project in ‘Merica, with studios, offices, post prod and an outdoor music venue.